Focusing on relief from chronic issues that have recurring flair ups. Relaxing the mind and giving the body a much needed reset.


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Workshops/ Classes

Want to learn about healthy living, clean eating or how undo the long hours sitting in front of the computer or how to manage your headaches or how to sooth your partners tension. I'm here to help I run classes and workshops in person and via the web every month.

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Are you ready to be your most Radiant and Joyful Self? Are you unsure where to begin? Are there too many conflicting theories on what's the best method or diet? Just Breathe, this is exactly what Health Coaches are here for. Schedule a FREE Discovery call and let's see how I can help you.

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Let's get on the phone and talk about YOU. Book a FREE Health Discovery call. We'll get you set up with an action plan for one of your health goals.

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