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Classes and Workshops

Self Care Workshops

I believe there is an Art and a Science of Massage. In this Workshop I will teach you the Science of Massage. I believe the results of decreased physical tension are based upon the frequency at which the tension is soothed. I designed these classes to empower each person to sooth their tension on a daily basis to increase the quality of their life. Classes are focused on addressing specific areas of your body. The foundation of each class includes: self massage techniques using massage tools and your hands, stretching and reeducation actions for postural correction.

Current workshop topics are: Headaches, Jaw Pain, Computer Muscles.

Couples Massage Lessons

Group or Private Lessons available.

I believe there is an Art and a Science of Massage. In the couples massage classes I teach you the Art of Massage. We focus on the importance of intention as the foundation of all techniques. I want to get you focused on the nurturing aspect of massage and give you confidence through the sequence and techniques taught in class. Stress can be a heavy burden for your loved ones this class will give you the ability to help. I teach you a simple yet effective sequence that will allow you to sooth your partner’s tension. The group class focuses on the back, neck, shoulders, scalp, face, hands and feet.

Private lessons cover the sequence as in the group lesson plus you will receive focused techniques for your areas of specific concern.

Call for pricing of private lessons, we can provide these lessons at our office or your home.

Corporate and Event Massage

We are happy to provide a relaxing and rejuvenating presence to your office or special event. We have a variety of options on length, number of therapist to serve you, and either a option of a table or chair. Please call or email us to set up a free consultation and quote.