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Get relief from the knots and tension, gain improved range of motion, better sleep and less pain. All massage sessions are a combination of all modalities and techniques that I know. Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports Massage, Trigger Point, Active Myofascial Therapy and Aromatherapy. We strive for creating a perfect pressure for you massage addressing you physical needs and emotional well being.

30 Minutes the Perfect Tune up to pick you up Investment $55

Super busy and stressed? Need a little TLC so you don’t turn into a ball of knotted crankiness? This is perfect for you. A little bliss out and focus on your problem knot(s).

60 Minutes Full Body or In depth focus on you primary trouble knot(s) Investment $115

Just need to recharge with a little something from head to toes? Or have you gone too long between massages and your trouble knot(s) have grown out of control? Enjoy a perfect pressure for you massage. We will tame the tight spots and balancing the tension leaving you refreshed and ready for whatever life’s got for you.

90 Minutes In depth focus and Full Body Massage Investment $150

Do you hate to choose between having your feet massaged and spending the extra time needed for your trouble knot(s)?
This session is just what you need, you won’t have to choose. We will have plenty of time to dedicate to your problem areas as well as provide you a nice relaxing massage from head to toes.

This is the best way to make sure you take care of you. We will set you up with a recurring appointment monthly to keep your body in tip top shape. Members will receive special discounts on massages, products, classes, free add ons and Prices locked in for life.
Coming soon! Please check back with us or send us and email and we will contact you as soon as we open enrollment.

For more information or questions please give us a call at 971-231-4676, we are happy to chat with you.