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Couples Massage Lesson

Couples Massage Lessons

Group Lesson Cost $125 Limited to 6 couples

I believe there is an Art and a Science of Massage. In the couples massage classes I teach you the Art of Massage. We focus on the importance of intention as the foundation of all techniques. I want to get you focused on the nurturing aspect of massage and give you confidence through the sequence and techniques taught in class. Stress can be a heavy burden for your loved ones this class will give you the ability to help. I teach you a simple yet effective sequence that will allow you to sooth your partner’s tension. The group class focuses on the back, neck, shoulders, scalp, face, hands and feet.

Each person will receive 45 minute massage from their partner. There will be snacks and refreshments. Classes are limited to only 6 couples, so please register early.

Keeping it modest….BRING YOUR SWIM SUIT! If you don’t have yours we will provide one for you. The massage tables will be set with sheets. I promise to do my best to create¬†a comfortable, safe and welcoming environment for all. If you have special needs that I should consider before the class please email me right away. Pregnancy, surgery, medical conditions, etc.

Email me for a registration form, I’ll send you all the info and a payment form. I look forward to teaching you the Art of Massage.