My Approach

Each persons body is entirely unique to them created by the smallest genetic codes to the biggest of life's lessons, beliefs, past choices and current intention. There is no cookie cutter approach to diet and lifestyle that I could say fits for every person. Discovering the perfect diet and lifestyle is like journey with hills and valleys. Our physical bodies change with age and so do our needs. If we don't adapt to the needs of our body it will tell us with pain and suffering.

A main distinction about my training is I focus on the importance of Primary Food*. Secondary Food is everything you put in your mouth. Primary Food* includes the areas of Career, Physical exercise, Spirituality and Relationships. I believe that if you are in a toxic relationship or your career makes you want to have a mental breakdown everyday; you could eat as much clean green everything and never feel healthy, happy and whole. You are a multifaceted person and your diet and life style need to take that into consideration. Each person needs to understand and know how to maneuver each of these areas for health.

Awareness within the Comfort ZoneClarify Values- BoundariesCrowding Out*-

Bio- Individuality*- Deconstructing Cravings*- Primary Foods*- Diet/ Lifestyle-

Physical Body- Spiritual Body- Mindset- Beliefs-

These are some primary principals that I incorporate into coaching with clients. These are the foundations to a Healthy Happy life and The Happy Heart Method, my 6 month Coaching Program. Learn more about each of these subjects in the FAQ section. Or schedule a FREE Health Discovery Call and you can get a personal experience of these tools in action in your life.



*trademark terms used with permission from Institute of Integrative Nutrition.



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